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About The Creator

"Elevate through any life experience while glowing in the process"

 - Imani, Founder & Creator

An astute event & hospitality professional who thrives in creating memorable experiences, Imani is the founder of Elevate + Glow an all natural luxury candle company for home and event decor. Through her diverse career in the event and hospitality industry, Imani's keen attention to detail and ability to configure any space into a warm hospitable environment, inspired her to create the one element that can elevate the ambiance of any room or event space.

Her years of experience in special events fostered her love for decor which overflowed to her home, where there is always a presence of candles burning. Elevate + Glow is a dual brand offering luxury candles for home and event spaces.  

E+G Home 

Elevate + Glow allows Imani to share her personal home experience of bringing an elevation of luxury and uniqueness through candles. With versatile vessels to coordinate with any home design, Elevate + Glow strives to create relaxing home environments for everyone.

E+G Events

Attributable to her profession in the event industry, Elevate + Glow provides custom event design services, including personalized event favors. 

E+G Gifts 

To promote the act of hospitality, Elevate + Glow offers pre-designed and pre-packaged gifts perfect for corporate clients, birthdays, thank you's, or even a simple just because.

E+G Burn 

Elevate + Glow offers monthly subscriptions to ensure its community can maintain a continuous presence of burning candles, same as Imani's home and work environment. 

E+G Green 

To participate in "Going Green", Elevate + Glow offers the option to recycle undamaged glass jars for the opportunity to receive a 10% discount on your next purchase. E+G will provide return shipping labels.