Our Story

"Elevate + Glow is the art of growing through any life experience while flourishing in the process"

 - Imani Finley, Founder & Creator


Elevate + Glow is an all natural candle studio created to uplift atmospheres and promote the art of gift giving. E+G candles thrive in curating unforgettable experiences as a premier gift brand. 

Created by event and hospitality professional, Imani Finley, Elevate + Glow blossomed from her passion for creating memorable experiences. Her diverse career in the event and hospitality industry, inspired her to create the one element that elevates the ambiance of any room...candles. However, she did not solely focus on creating a product for homes and event spaces, but a tangible item for showing gratitude. As learned in her industry, the art of gift giving can elevate a relationship by providing exemplary customer service.


To promote the art of gift giving, Elevate + Glow curates personalized candles to provide unforgettable gifts for clients, events, brands, and more. 


With natural wax and high quality fragrances, Elevate + Glow strives to create relaxing environments to promote the art of self-care. 


For those that love to host their family and friends, Elevate + Glow offers candle making experiences to engage guests and create lively atmospheres. 


Through collaboration with the travel brand Find Me Worldwide, Elevate + Glow offers travel size candles to uplift the atmospheres of hotels and vacation rentals.


Elevate + Glow offers monthly subscriptions to ensure its candle lovers maintain a collection of their E+G favorites.