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Elevate + Glow is an all natural candle studio...

Master the art of gift giving by curating personalized candles to show gratitude with an unforgettable touch!

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“A gift is the manifestation of a thought, a desire to bring someone joy".

The art of self-care...

Self care is the practice of valuing one's needs and desires in order to protect one's well-being and happiness. Candles are a key element in self-care practices. Their aromas can calm the mind and are powerful stimulants for mental wellbeing.

Explore and find the perfect candle scent for your SELF-CARE ROUTINE!

  • Natural

    Our collection is made with all natural ingredients.

  • Love

    Every candle is made with love.

  • Hand Poured

    Our candles are hand poured with Coconut & Apricot Crème Wax.

  • Relax

    Enjoy the soft cracking sound of wooden wicks.

  • Power

    We are a black & woman owned business.


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